The brand

We are born in Finland the happiest country in the world. We love our awesome original nature and we are told to be helpful, hardworking and friendly. We want to change the world with you and with everyone. We in Power Recover think that we live in the Planet together with You.
We want to be a different brand which makes the change in the world. That starts always when we look in the mirror. The Founder Hexu (instagram @hekahexu) and team from Finland/Italy and Spain see the possibility to make our lives and the Planet better in business, sports, work or in everything when we just do things with love and thankfulness. The best we ever can. Let's give our best.
We love positivity. It means we see the negative things and change them.
We love the Planet. It means we must be sustainable and take care of the nature.

We want to the most ecological and positive recovery brand in the world with you.
That's why we make extremely durable and high quality products. They need to be small and handy so they use less energy and natural recourses. We don't like overpacking. We have good warranty and repair if some device go broken.
We in The Finnish Power Recover have succeeded in developing the metallic massage hammer that is widely recommended and used by top athletes as well. We develop methods for your exercise and body care and you will recover even better every day.

Our slogan: Positive body. Positive mind.
When your body feels well your life creates good results and joy inside and outside.

Our vision for your life: Extend your limits!
Choose your goal, remember your values and we want you to be better every day. Giving the best of you makes also the whole World better.  

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