Tiny Pro Heat head®
Tiny Pro Heat head®
Tiny Pro Heat head®
Tiny Pro Heat head®
Tiny Pro Heat head®
Tiny Pro Heat head®
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Tiny Pro Heat head®

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Tiny Pro Head head

Is the World 's first professional warming head for small massage hammers. It warms up in less than ten seconds to 56 C which is optimal for opening stuck muscle fascias and muscles and does not burn the skin. It’s a great help especially in places that are difficult for a masseur to reach such as the inner thighs, abdomen, sides, or even sore fascias of the outer thighs. You can adjust the pressing intensity to suit yourself and make the treatment always pleasant. In addition, according to the customer experience the warming head produces an extremely relaxing feeling. Tiny Pro Heat head has its own battery and its own USB-C charging connector. Its charged fully in less than an hour and can massage for about half an hour on a single charge.


The long-awaited and long-tested product is finally available. Delivery time about 3 weeks.

Customer Reviews

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Anne Lahtinen
lämmittää mahtavasti

Olipas huikea ensikokemus. En ole aikaisemmin kokenut näin hienoa lämmittävää hierontaa.

Matti Nieminen
Tosi mukava käyttää

Oon ollut tosi tyytäväinen helppoon ja varmaan käyttöön. Toimintavarma ja voi ottaa helposti mukaan minne vaan ja olen kuullut, että halvat hajoaa helposti.

Recover quickly everywhere!

Super efficient massage hammer.
Test users love this sleek and lightweight device with extreme durability, portability and power.
Stylish and handy carrying case.
The fast-charging device guarantees an easy massage wherever you go. With one charge, you get up to 3-4 hours of effective massage.
You can carry relaxation with you on longer trips.

For all parts of the body

The product package

The Tiny Lux gorgeous printed canvas bag guarantees ecological and the smallest possible packaging with a beautiful paper belt. The bag also has a high-quality charging cable with a USB-C connection and 4 different replacement heads.

The product includes also 4-color English instructions and there are also instructions in other languages online.

How TinyLux helps you?

Stretches and opens muscles.
Significantly speeds up muscle recovery.
Helps muscle membrane recover and open.
Improves blood circulation and the condition of soft tissue.
Helps warm up and enhances stretching.
In addition, studies have shown that nerve receptors respond positively to sliding and pressing motion.